La Pachamama is the largest importer of yerba mate and Argentine Foods in New Zealand. We works directly with suppliers in Argentina, bringing the best products at the best price.

We are exclusive importers of the following brands:

KRAUS yerba mate. Kraus is a small family business that produces and sales organic yerba mate and tea. Their products are certified organic and fair trade. Kraus is one of the leading organic brands of Argentina, looking after the environment and the native comunities in Santo Domingo Savio (Misiones, Argentina). Tienda Pachamama is the exclusive importer of yerba mate  Kraus organic in New Zealand

HREÑUK SA is the compay that produces Rosamonte, one of the most popular yerba mate brands in Argentina. The company was started in 1936 by Mr. Demetrio and Catalina HREÑUK and later went on to be one of the leading brands of Argentina. Tienda Pachamama is the exclusive importer of yerba mate Rosamonte in New Zealand.

COOPERATIVA AGRICOLA DE LA COLONIA LIEBIG was founded in 1926 by a group of German, Ukranian and Polish settlers that arrived in the northeast of Corrientes. Along with their capacity for work and sacrifice, the founders of Cooperative Liebig brought a project of founding a cooperative to procure progress for all as a result of chared effort and equitably distributed wealth. Cooperative Liebig produces one of the best leading brands of yerba mate in Argentina: Playadito and Liebig, both brands loved by young Argentines. Tienda Pachamama is the exclusive importer of yerba mate Playadito and Liebig in New Zealand

CANARIAS AND SERENA yerba mate are popular brands in Uruguay. These brands have established themselves strongly within the region. The brand offers a large array of products ranging from tea bags to traditional yerba mate. Tienda Pachamama is the exclusive importer of yerba mate Canarias in New Zealand

MATE ROJO is the leading brand of Molinos La Mision. A company based in Misiones (Northeast of Argentina), currnetly have several products and are one of the favourite yerba mate brands in Misiones. Tienda Pachamama is the exclusive importer of yerba mate  Mate Rojo in New Zealand

El Chucupal are a range of sweets and jams from Jujuy (Argentina). This is a family brand that grows, harvest and prepares its own jams which result in the best quality jams and sweets you will find.

San Ignacio Dulce de leche is a company that since 1936, has been producing the best artisanal dulce de leche following its unique and traditional recipe. Their dulce de leche has won several international awards and is recognised as one of the best available in the market. The texture, colour and taste make San Ignacio Dulce de leche one of the best caramels you will ever taste! Tienda Pachamama is the exclusive importer of dulce de leche San Ignacio in New Zealand



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